More than 55 years of experience at your service!

The ARNO Group is a large construction company, which offers its clients a wide range of services. Turnkey projects, new constructions, renovations, factory maintenance, emergency repairs, commissioning, hiring of specialized labor; our expertise and the skills acquired during our many years of existence is extensive.

Founded in the early 1960s by brothers Roland, André and Robert St-Arnaud, ARNO has evolved with its clients to become one of the largest construction groups in the electrical sector in Quebec.

The ARNO group has diversified itself over the years by launching into areas as varied as construction of substations, construction of lines (medium and high-voltage), and industrial electricity through telecommunications and pruning networks.
They have been present in several major industrial projects over the years, whether in the field of pulp and paper, mining, or in the aluminum smelter sector.

They also participated in the large-scale deployment of the province's hydroelectric generating stations by participating in the construction of the majority of Hydro-Québec's major generating stations (LG-3, LG-1, LA-1, LA-2, Toulnustouc, La Romaine 3 and 4, etc.).

The expertise developed by the company has led ARNO to work throughout Canada and abroad (Morocco, United States, England, Haiti, Cameroon and Rwanda).

Currently run by the sons of the founders, the company continues to grow and remain a leader in its field.

To ensure the success of all its projects, ARNO has developed a network of partners, subcontractors, consultants, suppliers and financial groups, all renowned in their respective fields.

These alliances allow us to offer our clients the best solutions at competitive prices, within the required deadlines.